I want you to be able to avoid a frustration before it happens.  Stampin' Up! created some totally awesome stamp sets and some really fine punches.  However, trying to punch a stamped flower has put me over the edge a time or two – you know what I am talking about!  So, let me share a technique to make the process not only painless but downright pleasurable!

Let's fix the Beautiful Bunch stamp set & the Fun Flower Punch so that you think you are in Stamping Paradise!  Then I will share a card using it.


Go get your "stuff" and let's get to work!  I know you want to feel stampin' paradise!  I stamped some flower images from the stamp set and put a black dot where we need to line the image up with the punch. In the picture below,  you will see a black dot on the stamp and a black dot in the same position on the stamped image.  Look reallly close now and you will notice that each petal that has a black dot is a petal that has a "nip" taken out of the top of it.  Can you see it?

Stamped image & rubber marked Mark the same location  on the sticker side of each flower stamp with a marker.  Okay, wipe the sweat from your brow because you are almost finished.

Now let's mark your punch.  Take a look at mine to see where to mark it.


Do you see the black dot on the right side of the punch?  Do you recognize the petal with a "nip" taken out of it.  Find the same petal on your punch and mark it.

The hard work is over so you can breathe again!  In order to punch out the flower, we are just going to line up the places with the nip taken out.  See the picture below.

Image1 & punch

I am sliding the punch over the flower in order to line it up.

Image 1 lined up

Image 2 & Punch

Image 3 & punch

After they were lined up, I simply punched the flower.

Punched Flowers


  1. Looking at your stamp, orient it so the dot is on the right side of your image & you have 2 petals near the bottom of the paper.
  2. Stamp your image near the bottom of your paper.  This will make lining it up easier.
  3. Match up the "imaginary" dot on your stamped image with the dot on your punch.  
  4. Punch!

Congratulations! You have a perfect flower.  And, it will work every time.

I hope this helps.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at ginger@gingerstamps.com  

Now for the cards!  We made these at my gathering using Summer Silhouettes, Beautiful Bunch, Fun Flower Punch, Fabulous Four & A Dozen Thoughts,

Celebrate left

It's Your Day rt
  Just Because left

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