Thank you Blog Readers!  Your suggestions for my vase of flowers and encouragement for my back recovery mean a lot to me.  With your help, I have altered the vase.  Although I am pleased with it, you are the final voice.  Let me know if you think we need to change/add anything.  Creating together has been awesome!

Here it is……

Green far rt

This is a list of some of the changes that you suggested.  And, you can see that I agreed with you & made the changes.

* Flowers were raised higher,

* The ribbon style & color was changed,

* Added a tag,

* Added some green spirals (kinda like leaves),

* Stamped leaves on the tag with versamark ink.

Another view

Green left

I also removed the ribbons from the smaller vases.

Green rt

And the view from the top!

Top down

Thank you Blog Readers!  I think we make a wonderful team.  Your input was spot on and so appreciated.  Having the opportunity to interact with you is really fun and, I think, productive.  Let's do it again soon.

Thanks for stopping bu my blog today!