Vase top
Hi all my blog friends.  First, let me apologize that my post today is late.  Unfortunately, I have had issues with my back for a number of years and it decided to give me grief yesterday.  Walking is difficult and sitting is even worse.  The reason I am sharing this info, is to let you know why my creating will be slowed down.

In the meantime though, I do need your input on a project.  Using the Flower Shop stamp set  & the Pansy Punch, I created a flower bouquet in a darling vase that I picked up at a craft/sewing  store.  Although I am very pleased with the dirction it is going, I feel that it needs some finishing details.  This is where you come in.  Please leave me a comment with your suggestions about how to finish my project.

Vase rt

Another view from the other side.


And finally, the view straight on.

Vase 1

Thanks for your help and your patience!