Today I am very pleased to share with you a card made by my 6-year old Granddaughter Katie.  The amazing part is that she created this totally on her own with no help from her Mom.   Katie flat

Katie was invited to a birthday party today and like any good crafter, decided that she wanted to make a birthday card for her friend.  She chose her stamp set and color palette plus used markers to ink up the stamp.  And, what young girl can resist a row of rhinestone bling!


A decorated envelope just adds fun to any card and have you noticed how kids just seem to know that without being told.  Katie really took it to the next level by drawing a picture of her friend.  What a clever way to draw a face using  a heart and of course Rhinestones for eyes.  My favorite part though is the crown!  

Katie with Envelope

 The proud artist holding her masterpiece!  Thanks Katie for sharing your creation on my blog today!

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