Whew Hoo!  It's finally here!  This is the time in the Stampin' Up! Year that we all wait for beacuse of tthe fabulous oppportunity to get FREE stuff!    Check out the details below.


Click the link to see a short video.   25056.asp

I appreciate each and every order.  For every $50 Online order placed on my website, I will send you a card and a package of candy dots, pearls or rhinestones – your choice.

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The best deal of all is to join the Gingerstampers!  No pressure, no need to hold workshops unless you want to, access to webinars and videos from some of the top people in Stampin' Up!, a wonderful community of Online support.  Free access to any tutorials that I offer.

Click the link to go to my Online site  to sign up.    25058.asp

 Click the link to see the  brochure  20131119_SAB_en_US.pdf

Thanks for stopping by today!  Remember, if you have any questions about joining my team or any of the cards that I create, I am only an email away.