Gosh, it has been a few days since I posted and I am going through withdrawl.  But, let me explain the reason for my card today.  As you know, I am an Independent  Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  The group that I am part of is the Stampin' Pretty Pals under Mary Fish.  Because this Stampin' Up! year is drawing to an end, Mary is providing lots of fun for us.  And, if we participate, we can be entered in a drawing to win product.  One of the ways to enter is to make a "gratitude" card for the Pals.  This is my "Gratitude" card.

Flower Shop Pals Rt

This card is similar to one that I did last night for my Club gals.  Maybe I will post it tomorrow.

Flower Shop Pals Gratitude

I used the Flower Shop stamp set with the Pansy Punch.  Earlier I promised to share some tips about lining up the punch with the stamped image.  I am going to try to do that now.  

First, if I open my Flower Shop stamp case, it looks like this.

Stamp case marked
Notice that each stamp has a "black sharpie" mark at about the same location – upper right of the stamp.  This mark is the key to lining up the punch.  Go ahead and mark your stamps with a black sharpie in the same location as my stamps.

Next you need to mark your punch so that the mark on the stamp will coincide with the mark on the punch.

Punch Mark

You can see the lock for the punch at the bottom of the picture.  Orient your punch like mine.  Notice the black mark on the bottom petal – just above the Stampin' Up! logo.  Mark your punch with a sharpie.

Anytime you stamp an image, place the stamp so that the "black mark" on the stamp is on the top left. Stamp close to the edge of the paper so that you can slide a punch over the image.

Stamp marked

Now slide the punch over the stamped image so that the black mark on the punch is at the top of the flower image.  Punch!

Image in punch top

This method works for all of the stamps in the set.

Curly Flower in Punch

 The pencil marks that you see on the stamped image are there to help you see where the mark on the stamp would be located.  Of course, I will erase them from my flower.  You will not have these pencil marks on your image.

This method works because your stamps can only go in the case one way.  BUT,for this to work, you must keep the piece of rubber that you punch your stamps from.

Using this technique, I am able to easily stamp and punch without the headache of guessing where the punch should be.

Hope this helps!  Please email me if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.